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ZCID 郑超室内设计是一家综合性专业化的室内设计单位,由独立设计师“郑超”创办,团队一直专注领域涉及到包括建筑/室内/景观,拥有独特的设计理念和项目管控经验。

ZCID Zheng Chao interior design is a comprehensive and professional interior design company founded by independent designer Zheng Chao. The team has been focusing on a variety of areas including architecture/interior/landscape, have a unique design concept and project management experience.


Zheng Chao returned to China in 2013, ZCID was founded in Hong Kong, China, the same year opened the Xiamen office, from individual to team, we do not exaggerate the story and background, one step at a time, so far we have also served many high-end corporate clients: Mr. Yang Hongming, economic adviser to former Philippine President Duterte, family of nine herders group, Yinlu Group, Hope Food Group, private developer and so on.


The world is people-oriented units, Zheng Chao led the team has been looking for the essence of design, breakthrough in the conventional form of design based on the field! Adhere to do only high-quality taste of customers!


▪ 荣获2023 德国柏林设计大奖——银奖                                     ·  Won the 2023 Berlin design award-silver award

▪ 2019 荣获18/19亚太设计大奖                                                 · 2019 won the 18 / 19 Asia Pacific Design Award

▪ 入选2019美国洛杉矶第四届美国际设计交流展参展作品            · Selected works of the 4th American international design exchange exhibition in Los Angeles, 2019

▪ 2018人民日报媒体设计专访人物                                              · 2018 people's daily media design interview

▪ 2018“艾舍”作品奖金奖                                                        · 2018 "Asher" Work Award Gold Award

▪ 2018亚太空间设计最具影响力设计师                                       · 2018 Asia Pacific space design most influential Designer

▪ 2018第13届中国建筑设计艺术博览会 银奖                               · The most influential designer in Asia Pacific Space Design 2018 silver award of the 13th China Architectural Design Art Expo 2018

▪ 国际空间设计金创意设计大赛年度十佳设计师                           · Top ten designers of the year in the international space design gold creative design competition

▪ 2018年度优秀雅奢空间设计                                                     · 2018 excellent elegant luxury space design

▪ 40 UNDER 40 中国设计杰出青年                                             · 40 UNDER 40 Outstanding Youth in Chinese Design

▪ 台湾2016TAKAO室内设计大赏 优秀作品奖                               · Taiwan 2016 Takao interior design award excellent work Award

▪ 2015-2016 年度中国室内设计百强人物                                    · Top 100 Chinese interior design figures in 2015-2016

▪ 新加坡 骏毅设计公司 首席设计师                                             · Chief designer of Singapore Junyi design company

▪ 第6届中国室内设计大赛金奖                                                    · Gold medal of the 6th China Interior Design Competition